Recommended BEAM papers

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Just threw away my paper copy of the “background materials” from the BEAM Course of 2006 (yes, after five years!). Most of the documentation in these course materials can be found, in electronic form, here and here. But the background materials also contain copies of the following papers, which I am listing here as recommended reading for BEAM apprentices, journeyfolk and masters. At the very least, citing a selection of these (preferably including the first) is a good way to say thanks to the authors and updaters of BEAM and associated codes.

D W O Rogers, B A Faddegon, G X Ding, C –M Ma, J We, “BEAM: A Monte Carlo code to simulate radiotherapy treatment units”, Med Phys 22(5): 503-524

C M Ma, B A Faddegon, D W O Rogers, T R Mackie, “Accurate characterisation of Monte Carlo calculated electron beams for radiotherapy”, Med Phys 24(3): 401-416

I Kawrakow, M FIppel, K Fiedrich, “3D electron dose calculation using a Voxel based Monte Carlo algorithm (VMC)”, Med Phys 23(4): 445-457

I Kawrakow, M Fippel, “Investigation of variance reduction techniques for Monte Carlo photon dose calculation using XVMC”, Phys Med Biol 45: 2163-2183

D Sheikh-Bagheri, D W O Rogers, C K Ross, J P Seuntjens, “Comparison of measured and Monte Carlo calculated dose distributions from the NRC linac”, Med Phys 27(10): 2256-2266
D Sheikh-Bagheri, D W O Rogers, “Sensitivity of megavoltage photon beam Monte Carlo simulations to electron beam and other parameters”, Med Phys 29(3): 379-390

D Sheikh-Bagheri, D W O Rogers, “Monte Carlo calculation of nine megavoltage photon beam spectra using the BEAM code”, Med Phys 29(3): 391-402

B R B Walters, I Kawrakow, D W O Rogers, “History by history statistical estimators in the BEAM code system”, Med Phys 29(12): 2745-2752

I Kawrakow, “The effect of Monte Carlo statistical uncertainties on the evaluation of dose distributions in radiation treatment planning”, Phys Med Biol 49: 1549-1556

I Kawrakow, “On the de-noising of Monte Carlo calculated dose distributions”, Phys Med Biol 47: 3087-3013

I Kawrakow, D W O Rogers, B R B Walters, “Large efficiency improvements in BEAMnrc using directional bremsstrahlung splitting”, Med Phys 31(10): 2883-2898

I Kawrakow, B R B Walters, “Efficient photon beam dose calculations using DOSXYZnrc with BEAMnrc”, Med Phys 33(8): 3046-3056