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What happened to the “Acknowledgements” page? I dropped it because I could keep up with the long and ever-growing list of co-authors, collaborators, funding bodies and individuals who have generously given their time to help with the work described on these pages. The 2010 list follows. Up-to-date and more-relevant acknowledgements can be found on specific publications.

Acknowledgements, as of 2010:

The following list has been compiled without the approval of the individuals and organisations concerned and should not be regarded as an indication of their approval of, or responsibility for, any of the statements made on this site. That said, the work described on this website could not have been completed without the assistance of:

  • Ian Snook and Peter Daivis at RMIT University, Melbourne
  • The Victorian Partnership for Advanced Computing
  • The Australian Partnership for Advanced Computing
  • The CRC for MicroTechnology
  • The Rheology and Materials Processing Centre
  • RMIT University
  • Jamie Trapp, Christian Langton and Andrew Fielding at QUT, Brisbane
  • Scott Crowe at QUT, Brisbane
  • John Kenny, Richard Knight and David Schlect at Premion, Brisbane
  • Peta Sandford at the Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane
  • Darren Cassidy and Bob Fitchew at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, Brisbane
  • Cathy Hargrave, Steve Sylvander, Adrian Gibbs and Emmanuel Baveas at Mater Radiation Oncology, Brisbane
  • The HPC and Research Support Unit, QUT
  • The Cancer Council Queensland
  • The Wesley Research Institute
  • The National Health and Medical Research Council
  • The Australian Research Council
  • The Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital
  • The Queensland University of Technology
  • Dave Rogers at Carleton University, Ottawa
  • Blake Walters (and Gordo the groundhog) at NRC, Ottawa

This webpage is inspired by The Denis Evans Professional Page and is proud to stand in the shadow of The John Kairn Songwriter Page.

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