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Australian Research Council, Linkage Grant LP110100401
Modelling and characterisation of radiation beams used in radiotherapy
Chief Investigators: J. V. Trapp (QUT), C. M. Langton (QUT)
Partner Investigators: R. T. Knight (Premion), J. Kenny (Premion), T. Kairn (Premion)

This work investigates the accuracy and precision of radiation dose calculations used for planning radiotherapy treatments for cancer. Our recent pilot study demonstrated that radiation dose predictions made using sophisticated Monte Carlo computer simulations are more accurate than the dose predictions made by the commercial computer treatment planning systems that are used in radiation oncology centres worldwide. We are currently using our Monte Carlo simulations to investigate two radiation beam types that are being increasingly used in cancer clinics; small fields used in stereotactic radiosurgery and moving fields used in arc therapy. We expect our results to be of significant benefit to radiotherapy patients and of interest to the international medical physics community.

Queensland Cancer Physics Collaborative, Project Grant
Accurate static-dynamic field junction dosimetry, for improved head & neck rotational IMRT
Investigators: N. Middlebrook (Premion), T. Kairn (Premion)

Intensity-modulated arc therapies have been shown to improved the radiation dose distributions that can be delivered during radiotherapy treatments of primary head and neck tumours. In cases where the cancer has spread into nearby lymph nodes, the arc fields treating the primary target can be augmented with a conventional low anterior neck photon field or electron boost. This study is investigating the accuracy of dose calculation and delivery in the junction regions between these dynamic arc fields and static neck fields. We aim to assess and provide recommendations on the planning and quality assurance of head and neck treatments incorporating both static and dynamic radiation fields.

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