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Reducing Adverse Side-Effects in Stereotactic Radiosurgery
School of Physical and Chemical Sciences, QUT, 2009-2010

Having produced a model for simulating the BrainLAB m3 microMLC device, used for stereotactic radiosurgery at Premion’s Wesley Hospital campus, this work was able to focus on using highly accurate  Monte Carlo dose calculations to verify quality assurance measurements and examine the limitations of standard dose calculation techniques currently used to plan patient treatments. This project involved working on-site at the Wesley Hospital as well as at QUT, in collaboration with clinical physicists and researchers from QUT and RMIT.


The Use of Electronic Portal Imaging Devices for the Dosimetric Verification of Complex Radiotherapy Treatments
School of Physical and Chemical Sciences, QUT, 2006-2009

By showing that a calibration for radiological thickness provides an absolute parameter which allows Monte Carlo simulated EPID images to be compared with experimentally detected EPID images (thereby verifying delivered treatments) without correction, normalisation or estimation, this work led to the award of a second NHMRC grant, to develop radiological thickness monitoring as a clinical treatment verification procedure.

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