2D dose analysis on Lyra

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If you have an account on the QUT supercomputer, you can do this…

First, add these lines to your “.profile” file:
module load java/1.6.4
(Then log out and log back in again.)

Using the command
you can now generate 2D dose images from 3ddose files.

Also, using the command
you can now generate gamma evaluation (or other comparison) images.

To do the gamma (or other) comparison, you need your reference image (usually from simulation) and your comparison image (usually from experiment) to both be on Lyra somewhere. And you need to know the full paths and file names of those images. And you need them both to be in “text image” format (as you would use for ImageJ). And (! last but not least!) you need them both to have the same number of pixels and the same pixel size (resolution).

For the record, Scott’s MCDTK code does much more sophisticated gamma evaluations (in 3D and without worries about numbers or sizes of voxels). But the stuff above might be helpful for you EPID or film dosimetry people.